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Construction of a railway railway wagon should follow the law rather than the feelings
 Recently, part of Sichuan Guang'an Linshui masses took to the streets, expressing hope of Chongqing intercity rail transit territorial waters will, and gathered more than eight hours. According to the reporter, the design unit raised two preliminary studies to plan for reference, in which east via Linshui. May 7, Guang'an City Development Committee,   railway wagon   said in reply to a question raised by netizens, Kwong support "program for the West Line of Chongqing Railway Line project specific to the program." (May 17, "Beijing News") railway wagon Around railway tracks, station and launched "scrambles movement" occurs from time to time in some places. Today, people gathered parade Sichuan territorial waters but is "indisputable way movement" is another replica. So "scrambles", can be understood. In the vast land of China, no railway, urban is scattered pearls; through the railway, the town is the pearl necklace. Opening of the railway, not only means changes in the way people travel, it is seen as the areas along to change the fate of opportunity, especially poverty ......
railway wagon
Thanks to reform and opening up, China's economic and social development to make the world sit up, greatly enhanced strength, a well-off family property. However, not to the flow of oil to the point, we need to place a lot of money, especially in terms of improving people's livelihood. In this case, when there is the idea of ​​the whole country, balanced, scientific proof to respect the law of self-construction of the railway. Where to put the railroad can not win badly built to go, do not fight or win without powerful on the matter.

The rule of law, can express their demands, but to comply with the rule of law program, local leaders should guide persuade local people to express their demands correct and reasonable wishes.   railway wagon  Considering the local interests of small thinking, playing the "tragic" brand, to put pressure on the top, or run relationship, playing "hidden rules", railway wagon are among the heretical indeed undesirable.