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 Shanghai to Yantai freight company, whether follow-up will add more electricity supplier with the gradual advance ,, train railway wagon freight train electricity providers also gradually expand. According to the general plan of iron, electricity suppliers will gradually train express railway wagon network covering the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the Bohai Sea and the Midwest. The rapid development of express industry demand for integrated transport system has become more evident, the use of rail transport resources have the advantage of its many shipments.
  Express by train in the middle distance is the superiority of the short distance for car, suitable for long-distance aircraft. Above the opening of the Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai and Shanghai and electricity supplier trains belong to the middle distance. Transportation by rail has at least three advantages. First, large volume. It is understood that the current domestic train each wagon load of 40-60 tons in each wagon can carry about 40,000 shipments. Automotive and a truck load of 5 tons, a maximum load of 15 737 tonnes. A transport volume equivalent to the electricity supplier train 200 trucks, or 70 aircraft capacity. Secondly, rail transport is very punctual, affected by the weather are smaller than the planes and cars. Third, rail transport safer, motor traffic safety is very risky, there are safety and security of railway wagon transportation.
  Rail transport has been a part of the Shentong strategic planning, long before the 2013 "double October" soon, Shen Tong proposed the creation off the train in Beijing and Shanghai. Why rail transport only now started to really express industry in operation? Shaozhong Lin said that long before the high-speed rail have the "line to Post", ie by rail logistics and postal mail. Now train with the opening of the electricity supplier of high-speed railway, the Ministry of Railways separation between government and enterprises reform and the development of the total iron multifaceted business market than in the past are more positive about sex. Shanghai to Yantai freight company "air transport capacity can not meet the needs of the entire courier industry, the use of rail to transport natural born courier company there is a demand, the railway wagon can provide this service. Businesses, trade associations and government departments jointly contributed to this cooperation . "