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Cheng Lan railway Narikawa railway wagon highest Bridge began pouring continuous beam
BEIJING, June 8 Songpan (by Liu Meicen Zhang Jiaqi) reporter on the 8th from Railway 25th Bureau Group Company was informed that the construction company Cheng Lan railway former two-Ba child Minjiang Bridge No. 54 block of Pier Concrete Pier Zero  railway wagon,  The cast is completed, which marks the Chengdu-Lanzhou railway to Chuanzhusi segment's highest continuous beam construction began.
railway wagon
Ba double the original sub Minjiang Bridge, is located at an altitude of 3,000 meters above the plateau of western Sichuan Songpan County, a total length of 2449 meters, composed by two sets of 73 piers, the highest pier up to 28 meters. The bridge across the Minjiang five consecutive beams to solve problems across the river and pier moving through the design quadruple, Chengdu to Chuanzhusi segment's highest-Lanzhou railway large bridge.

The number of days below freezing temperatures in Songpan County than four months, the rainy season for three months, effective construction time is very short, the construction extremely difficult. In early 2013, the two levels of government and in ten rural and Songpan County town Chuanzhusi strong support of China Railway 25th Bureau Group of builders positive along with the villagers, the rapid completion of the bridge land demolition work, to create the conditions for the construction.

Cheng Lan railway from Chengdu, the Guanghan, Maoxian, the Songpan, railway wagon, Jiuzhaigou, arrived in Gansu Hadapu station inside mirror and Lanzhou-Chongqing railway junction. Cheng Lan railway will open to traffic in Northwest end of history without railways. It is understood that the Chengdu to Chuanzhusi segment is expected to open to traffic at the end of 2018.