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Cheng railway started by the end railway wagon of Xiangyang Hubei Province Enshi Yichang Shennongjia
22 I learned to do from Enshi railway, May 20 to 21, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation by the National Development and Reform Commission, in Chongqing organized the New Cheng, railway feasibility study assesses the meeting, China International Engineering Consulting Corporation National Railway Bureau, China Railway Corporation,  railway wagon   responsible person, Henan, Hubei and Chongqing provinces and Reform Commission, the railway office and cities along the state, counties responsible person to attend the meeting.

The meeting heard a design unit in Railway Institute, in TieSiYuan segments respectively Xiangyang in Hubei Province to the territory of Chongqing Wanzhou project and Henan province Henan section briefing. Design units on line before the line significance and role in the national economy and the road network and the need for building and reporting are fully described. Participants made a statement on the exchange of units, respectively, and group discussions, the panel formed to review comments, the Conference adopted Cheng, railway feasibility study report,
railway wagon
The meeting clearly Cheng, railway line to determine drawn from Zhengzhou East Railway Station in Hubei Province, after Xiangyang, Yichang and Enshi Badong County into the territory of Chongqing, construction length of 818 km across the board, including Enshi Badong within 34 km and is located in Padang Padang station qiuwan Pingyang County Creek dam. Meanwhile, the conference made it clear that the railway passenger line, according to 350 km / h speed open operations EMU passenger train.

The meeting stressed that Cheng, railway project is one of the state for the start of this year, 60 major railway projects. NDRC required to complete the feasibility study in June approved the end to enter into a substantive construction.

New Cheng, starting in Zhengzhou East Railway Station via Kaifeng City, Henan Province, after Xuchang, Yuzhou City, Pingdingshan, Nanyang city Dengzhou enter Hubei Province, the Xiangcheng District Xiangyang, Nanzhang, Baokang County, Shennongjia, Xingshan County, Badong County, Enshi after entering the territory of Chongqing, the Wushan County, Fengjie County, Yunyang County, Wanzhou District, Chongqing connected to the construction of the square-off special.

Cheng, East Central Railway connecting China Yunnan outbound railways, especially in the southwestern region of Chongqing region to the North Central region of the main backbone of fast passenger; to complement China's railway "four vertical and four horizontal" Passenger Line network, to fill the regional road network Blank , promote economic development along the region,  railway wagon     promote stable reservoir resettlement, to build along the Yangtze River Economic Belt comprehensive modern transportation system, accelerate the integration of tourism resources along the development of strategic importance.