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Cars crossing the railway track train suddenly stalled instantly railway wagon knocked 20 meters
At 8:30 on July 2, Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone, Luoyang town a railroad crossing, a train collided with a car. Although the train slow down in advance, but the car still launch more than 20 meters away. After the incident, in order to let the train leave, do not affect the subsequent passage of the train, the car has been pushed into the gutter rail mouth temporarily put. They climbed out the car, was not injured.
Mr. Lin, 37, was carrying his father was driving, they come from Hoi An, the day came to Luoyang Town,  railway wagon boat village in Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone to Lin Fu doctor. The village has a railway, take the freight train, railway sides of the fence is not set, usually placed reflective cones warn the driver. Lin also just across from here.
railway wagon
However, after the car's front wheel ran over railroad tracks, suddenly he died. At this point, the train just outside the meter! He quickly re-ignition, but the point of the two failed to start, seeing the train only thirty or forty meters away from their own, and Mr. Lin flew off, opened the back door of the father pulled out,  railway wagon and hid the edge. Almost instantaneous, trains rattle hit over, "kissing" on Mr. Lin's car, and the implementation of about 20 meters before it stopped. And this is a train fast enough, the case has been before the incident in the slowdown.