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Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway line to determine the maximum speed of basically railway wagon
As one of the important declaration in 2022 Winter Olympics in communication facilities, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway currently has a basic alignments. Yesterday, the China Academy of Railway Sciences website "New Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway EIA second publicity", the disclosure of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway line length 174.032 kilometers, which leads over from Beijing North Railway Station College Road after the turn into the ground, through the city. Reporters also learned that the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway initially expected to be located 10 stations, the fastest progress Badaling uphill entering the construction segment is  railway wagon  expected in the first half of this year.
railway wagon
Badaling Great Wall Station tunnel site

According iron ASTRI released the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city secondary EIA publicity, the new Beijing to Zhangjiakou railway line project length of 174.032 kilometers, including the territory of 70.183 km Beijing, Hebei territory of 103.849 kilometers, the full range of total construction period is estimated to be 48 months.

Specific arrangements for the line, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city program starting in Beijing North Railway Station, College Road had gone underground after continuous beneath the North Third Ring Road, Zhichun Road, North Fourth Ring Road, Chengfu, Tsinghua East Road, in Wan south of the Sutlej transferred out of the ground; then, and then all the way beneath the North Fifth headed north through Shahe Station, Changping station, then south through the east side of town in the form of a tunnel through the military are mountains, and set in the new tunnel Badaling Badaling Great Wall Station, after the tunnel beneath Chong will enter the territory of Hebei, and then along the Beijing-Tibet highway across the Guanting Reservoir, the Datong-Qinhuangdao railway, the Beijing-Tibet highway, after Beijing beneath the new highway through Zhangjiakou Huailai, in the garden, Xuanhua area, and finally to Zhangjiakou South Station.

Initial plans to set 10 stations

"New Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway projects belong to the state's key transport infrastructure projects, are also non-polluting class environmental projects.    railway wagon     The construction will inevitably be sensitive along the important goals and focus adversely affect residential areas." This is the second EIA report gives preliminary conclusions.
railway wagon
"Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city initially planned to set up 10 railway stations." Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway, Ltd., responsible person, a preliminary design plan for the railway in Beijing Beijing North Railway Station area plans, Qinghe Station, Shahe Station, Changping station, Badaling Station, Yanqing station, which is only one underground station Badaling Station; enter Zhangjiakou region, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city also were in Gaza City, in the garden north, north Xuanhua, Zhangjiakou South Station set up, and set aside a garden in the East station. However, the relevant domain name will eventually be subject to approval of relevant departments.

The maximum design speed of 350 km

"Crossing Badaling section of the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city in the first half of this year is expected to approach the construction." Relevant person in charge, this project starting from Juyongguan tunnel entrance to Badaling tunnel exit,    railway wagon a total length of 15.44 kilometers, of which about 12 tunnels Badaling km, Pass tunnel about 3 km.

Reporters learned that Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city design speed varies depending on the range. Among them, from Beijing to clear the river north of the design speed of 120 km / h,  railway wagon  the proposed speed limit of 80 km / h operation; Qinghe Changping segment design speed of 200 km / h; Changping to the northern section of garden design at the highest speed reached 350 km / hour, but Badaling section uphill speed of 250 km / h; in the garden north to the southern section of Zhangjiakou design speed was 250 km / h.