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Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway through the railway wagon Badaling Beijing set 6 Station
Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway construction plan made new progress, according to the China Academy of Railway Sciences website "New Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway EIA second publicity", the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway line length 174.032 kilometers, from Beijing North Station Road leads through college after the underground, railway wagon   where six stations located within Beijing.

Fourth Ring Road under the railway through North Third Ring Road

Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city scheduled to start in August 2009, but the Ministry of Railways to adjust the various reasons for the high-speed railway construction programs, construction has been stalled. Last November, the feasibility study uphill section of Beijing Zhang Badaling high-speed rail by the National Development and Reform Commission, in December the same year, China Railway Corporation, the preliminary design was approved.

According to the reporter, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city railway from Beijing to Zhangjiakou, initially expected to be located south of 10 stations, feeder set Yanqing station, 70 km Beijing Province, a total length of 174.032 km. In Beijing Beijing North Railway Station area plans, Qinghe Station, Shahe Station, Changping station, Badaling Station, Yanqing station, which is only one underground station Badaling Station; enter Zhangjiakou region, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city also were in Gaza City, under the North Garden Xuanhua north, south Zhangjiakou set up station and a bus station in the East Garden reservation.

The report revealed the iron ASTRI alignments this intercity railway. Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city program starting in Beijing North Railway Station, College Road had gone underground after continuous beneath the North Third Ring Road, Zhichun Road, North Fourth Ring Road, Chengfu, Tsinghua East Road, south of the Wanquan River turn out After that, then all the way beneath the North Fifth headed north through Shahe Station, Changping station, then south through the east side of town in the form of a tunnel through the military are mountains, and set the Badaling Badaling Great Wall Station in the new tunnel; ground.railway wagon

After they entered the tunnel through Chong Hebei Province, along the Beijing-Tibet highway across the Guanting reservoir, Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway [-1.20% funding research report], after Beijing beneath the new highway through Zhangjiakou Huailai, in the garden, Xuanhua area, final Arrive Zhangjiakou South Station.

Construction of the first half of the fastest

Last November, the National Development and Reform Commission officially approved the new Badaling section of the feasibility study report uphill Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway. According to the Beijing Railway Bureau official said, the fastest progress Badaling uphill entering the construction segment is expected in the first half of this year.

Since this project Juyongguan tunnel entrance to Badaling tunnel exit, a total length of 15.44 km. Badaling tunnel which is about 12 km, Pass tunnel about 3 km.

According to the new EIA report showed, the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city line to involve Badaling - Ming Tombs National Scenic Area, the way the project will tunnel through Badaling - Ming Tombs National Scenic core area, involving a total length of line 3.1km. And in 2014 released by the China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing to Zhangjiakou intercity railway Crossing Badaling section of the whole of the environmental impact report shows that the section project will wear the Great Wall in Beijing territory (Badaling and water  railway wagon  shut down three times, including through the next two Badaling).
railway wagon
Through the Badaling affect monuments?

For security units will have some impact, but to a lesser extent

According to the plan, the line will be mainly to tunnel through the Badaling - Ming Tombs National Scenic Area of ​​the core area and perimeter protection zone. Railway lines, erection of the bridge, the new station will not cause damage to the Great Wall scenic landscape as a whole?

Environmental Report on these issues in the book of the interpretation, construction of Badaling scenic area, Qinghe Seoul and other sites of cultural relics protection units will have some impact, but to a lesser extent the scope and impact. Badaling Great Wall Station (underground station) will be located in the new Badaling tunnel, height no more than six meters. Engineering design of the tunnel recommended harmony with the environment surrounding high non Portal hole. This hole looks and surrounding mountains form a natural combination.

In addition, railway lines within the area exposed at the surface of the bridge from the attractions are within 2 km away, the exposed surface length is less than 300 meters,    railway wagon   the evaluation results for the Badaling and Juyongguan scenic landscape and cause less environmental impact visual effects.