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Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway railway wagon Station will add eight branch through Yanqing
A total length of 16.292 km in eight stations located in Qinghe, Beijing North, South Zhangjiakou three originating station

Legal Evening News (Reporter Chen Si) Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city lines in addition to the Badaling positive uphill section has been approved before this, we will set up eight stations. Among them, in addition to Beijing and Zhangjiakou South Station, railway wagon  North Station, Qinghe station has become one of the originating station. Yesterday, iron ASTRI website of the "New Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway environmental impact report."
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Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city by extension through Yanqing

Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city via Beijing Haidian, Changping and Yanqing, Yanqing County Kang Town into the territory of Hebei Province, via Zhangjiakou Huailai County, the lower Garden District, Xuanhua District, Zhangjiakou reach the city.

A total length of 173.96 km railway will and set different speeds depending on the operating range, which Beijing North Railway Station to clear the river of 120 km / h, Qinghe Changping section of 200 km / h, Changping to the northern section of the garden under 350 km / h (where the Badaling section uphill speed of 250 km / h), Zhangjiakou, north to south at the garden of 250 km / h.

Report revealed positive line Beijing North, Qinghe, Shahe, Changping, Huailai, in north garden, Xuanhua and Zhangjiakou South Station North, East Garden station reserved. Since the EIA report does not include the Badaling before the uphill section through the approval, in this period there will be the Great Wall Station. While also setting a total length of 16.292 km of spur line to Yanqing, it will also set up a stand here.

Qinghe three stations for the originating station

8 stations, the stations with Beijing Qinghe north, south Zhangjiakou is labeled with the originating station.

"Qinghe train station will have this departure." Iron ASTRI relevant person in charge told reporters. According to the report while the train recent disclosure of the number of open lines, is expected in 2025, Beijing Qinghe range north to open the line 15 pairs 16 grouping EMU 50 pairs of 8 grouping EMU. Qinghe to Badaling section is the opening line of 53 pairs of EMU grouping 16, 50 pairs of 8 grouping EMU.

The person in charge of a number of different opening line is mainly due to the different originating station and other reasons.

After the five-year capital inland to Underground

The report also disclosed a railway line from the ground into the ground in the process. 2010 to 2012, this route is also planned for the ground line, the target speed is 350 km / h; in July 2012, adjusted to the ground line speed target value of 250 km / h; in November 2013, Institute presented the rings go underground within local programs.

Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city since Beijing North Railway Station leads, over College Road underground continuous beneath the North Third Ring Road, Zhichun Road, North Fourth Ring Road, Chengfu, Tsinghua East Road, turn out of the ground in the south of the Wanquan River wear rings along both north Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway line to the River Station after.

Background Links total duration of about four and a half years

It is reported that the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city project to disclose the total duration of about 4.5 years.

During the two sessions this year, the Beijing Railway Bureau, railway wagon  Deputy Secretary Zhuhui Gang told the media that the Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city will start construction this year, while construction Badaling difficult uphill section also will be the first start. West of Beijing-Zhangjiakou inter-city passenger dedicated large sheets, Atlantic off special, is part of the Beijing-Baotou-Lanzhou railway network channel to the north and northwest Interregional channel, but also an important component of Beijing, Tianjin intercity railway network, railway network optimization layout, and promote economic and tourism development along the route promoting the role.