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Beijing Railway Bureau to actively promote energy conservation and railway wagon environmental protection
Since January 1, 2015, "People's Republic of China Environmental  railway wagon Protection Law (2014 Revision)," the official implementation of the Beijing Railway Bureau combines economic development has entered a new normal characteristics, promote energy conservation and protecting the environment, in order to accelerate Jingjinji air pollution and comprehensive management of the surrounding area to make a positive contribution.
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May 11 to June 11, the Beijing Railway Bureau to carry out an environmental safety inspection, and test results into the examination content and environmental responsibility of the Secretary station segment length signed. After this heating period, the council further inner tube Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other regions, and actively communicate with the local environmental protection department, the establishment of daily communication mechanism, and further increase energy conservation efforts. Arrival before the next heating season, the Beijing Bureau is stepping up control in advance of Beijing, Tianjin Railway coal-fired boiler units, along the railway line to reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, total tobacco dust emissions, accelerate the construction and renovation of pollution control facilities, to ensure that Regular discharge.

Learned, the Beijing Railway Bureau actively change electricity, clean coal or new energy, promote the use of environmentally friendly energy-efficient boilers. They raise funds to promote the application of new energy-saving technology, the railway station area of ​​building comprehensive energy-saving technological transformation, and achieved remarkable results. For example, they use carbon dioxide air-source heat pump for South Wharf station integrated energy-saving technological transformation, significantly reducing emissions  railway wagon and improving the cadres and workers of the office environment and people's lives around the environment.