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Beijing Railway Bureau, Dragon Boat Festival mini vacation to railway wagon open seven pairs of passenger trains
CNR Network Beijing May 25 news (reporter Guo Miao) reporter from the Beijing Railway Bureau, in 2015, "Dragon Boat Festival" mini vacation rail transport for the period from June 19 and ending June 22, passenger flow mainly to visit relatives and the main tourist flows. To meet the "Dragon" small holiday passenger travel railway wagon demand, the Beijing Railway Bureau under the passenger flow characteristics, to open centralized direction of travel of passenger train started right.
railway wagon
CDB specific trips:

1. Beijing - Qinhuangdao D4519 / D4520 times, D4521 / D4522 times;

2. Beijing - Beidaihe T5695 / T5696 times, T5697 / T5698 times, T5699 / T5700 times;

3. Beijing - qinghecheng K5223 / K5224 times;

The Beijing West - Handan K5213 / K5214 times.

The railway sector Tip: above the opening line train specific date and time, please pay close attention to the station announcement or login China Railway Customer Service Center Web site (, the  railway wagon  station window and ticket outlets or by calling at the Beijing Railway Bureau booking telephone (95105105) buy tickets.