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Because of dissatisfaction with low wages British railway railway wagon union will organize a national strike
 According to the "Central News Agency" reported on the 15th, the British railway company Network Rail unions announce 24-hour strike will be held on the 25th of this month, this is the first time in 20 years, railway wagon  the British nationwide rail strike, many passengers would have been affected.
railway wagon
Because of dissatisfaction with low wages, Network Rail company recently unionized employees voted to strike by the case, from the 25th to finalize the 24-hour strike, 26 people work will also be affected.
railway wagon
May 23 to 25, the British holiday that millions of people are expected to travel by train, Network Rail's rail routes throughout the UK, while the management of bridges and tunnels, including 10 stations in  London also by the Network Rail operations, affect the level of the majority.

Union representation, Network Rail company profits up to £ 1 billion, but the offer to pay nearly 16,000 employees is too low, can not maintain a basic standard of living. The company provides the same over the next three years,   railway wagon   salary increases and inflation to December 2016 will be further layoffs, employees are unbearable before taking railway wagon  strike action in protest.