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Anqing Petrochemical continuous safe railway wagon operation of the railway line 7000 days
May 18, 2015, special Anqing Petrochemical continuous safe operation of the railway line 7000 days, writing a new work safety record again.

    Anqing Petrochemical Department of Transportation to maintain safety for the small, well-built railway safety, in order to manage and use special railway, to ensure the smooth flow of railway transport unit will be based in the heart of the safety concept within and outside of the line, for the safe operation of railway transportation building From a line of defense,  railway wagon in which 7,000 days, the Department of Transportation dedicated railway line not only accumulated unload coal, refined oil, all types of materials up to 377,000 trips 20.8 million tons, also temper a dare to fight tough battles, to win the war, hardship -working, dedicated workforce.

    Road is merciless but affectionate

    Railways have iron discipline. France is unknown, it is not enough to make the transportation department "harden wrist to ensure safety," Let the management of production safety escort, escort allow the assessment of the production. For the actual production and transportation, the Department of Transportation to develop a safe production, quality management, tour inspection, equipment maintenance, etc. for the content of a set of effective regulations to ensure the safe operation of the railway rules to follow. At the same time increase the assessment efforts in the "Department of Transportation inspection assessment rules of professional management," one of the security assessment only as many as 50 terms, running every aspect of monitoring are detailed in place: shunting speed control, non-simplified operation program, shunting personnel adhere to hook in place to confirm freight operations personnel adhere to Pipi supervision of loading and unloading passengers insist on calling the response, issued before the gasoline and diesel oil operators insist on loading, to vote with a crane and low level alarm testing, increased inspection frequency loading of specific measures, to ensure that rail transport and loading oil production safe operation.
railway wagon
    Anqing Petrochemical railway line is located in Anqing urban fringe, 15 km-long railway transportation lines and along the operating line 9, respectively through five, ten, league, Phoenix four townships, and because they are open-air open management, to finished oil safe carriage of inflammable and explosive materials, ensure the safety of the job site, the Transportation Department to direct the work site as a safety first powerhouse, despite the work area safe group of people scattered, adhere to a daily check, weekly check, monthly check strengthen direct operations, safety inspection and supervision and rectification of hidden key production sites and key equipment. To strengthen the management of field operations, so check the front, confirm previous, strict management. And to promote full all soldiers to carry out "potential hazards pick up gold" positive stop to correct the scene of any safety hazards, signs, illegal and so on.

    Allowing workers to safety awareness not tired, loose strings safe or not, to ensure safe and orderly production and transport, always adhere to strengthen the Department of Transportation on-site inspection, security concerns in direct operations. Full comprehensive inspection is the Department of Transportation to strengthen the safety management of direct operations magic, the operator class patrol, officers daily inspection, the professional group process discipline inspection and safety checks per week, plus a monthly composite Check, check every quarter Kong, the Department of Transportation for the safe production of tightly woven into the side of a vertical cross-examination in the end of the net. Transport Department also further improve the safety of long-term supervision mechanism, leveraging hidden investigation system, and effectively "implement the ban on anti-three violations, improve the system to implement, for investigation and promote safety." Extensive hidden danger, insecurity continues to identify and evaluate the presence of bad habits and violations through sustained and effective checks, and resolutely put an end to "three violations" phenomenon. Meanwhile the Department of Transportation also to strengthen the implementation of rules and regulations as the starting point, increasing rules and regulations, especially the "Big Five" discipline inspection and assessment of the implementation of efforts to further standardize the operation behavior, to prevent inclement weather on production the adverse effects of transport, to achieve safe production of controlled controlled to ensure that the long period of continuous safe operation of rail transport.

    I devoted her life to you

    In 1995, 16 of the young man standing beside this sub-tracks, all of them are in their late teens positive youth, shunter became their first job in life. Shunter in the railway is a major job, it is important also pulling the wind, the boys also spirited. Training, training, retraining; on the bus, get off, signal, call; blacksmith shoes, Jie Feng tube, pick the car, attempting to pull ...... hand signals, radio, the boys of the railway work from the strange to the familiar, especially to team After learning technology is often busy, and to learn safety knowledge lost in the back of the head. After the Department of Transportation found that while learning technical requirements, but also pay attention to the safe operation of essentials and small part of the work should be noted, stressing environment, equipment and operations risk factors.

    Clear responsibility, to know the risk, understand prevention, will control, the concept of safety as big as day is lifted over and over again, over and over again in practice exercise plans. Department of Transportation workers to build the intrinsically safe safety management as a top priority, from the education, guidance, incentives, constraints, drill-round start, through professional knowledge and skills training, vocational skills Bangdai, professional skill training, skills upgrading effort, team safety activities and lectures on safety, security, emergency drills, cases warning education, safety education conference and other activities, so that the "supreme security" concept enjoys popular support, to achieve a "want me to safety" to "I want security," "I will be safe "" I will secure "change, workers' self-protection, mutual, UNPROFOR" increasing awareness, standardized operations become a habit.

    With the streamlining and setting a quota for the number of jobs decreased, everyone must enhance learning, excellent skills to master, so that one post more energy, more than one post in order to remain invincible in the fierce competition. Transportation Department to rail transport, hair oil operations, maintenance and other related procedures locomotive piecemeal way, for all types of rail transport front-line positions to conduct a comprehensive training and training. Also there are plans to organize various training courses for operating personnel accidents increase processing capacity, depending on the operating conditions, the Department of Transportation also organized relevant professional and technical personnel, targeted to enrich and improve all kinds of safety, production and equipment accident plan, Development team compiled under and improve emergency handling capacity of workers. Actively promote the tutor with only activity is to play older workers, technicians mentoring role, a good way to improve the skills of young workers effective. Through "mentoring, old and new" campaign to improve skills of young workers. While taking advantage of the opportunity each year Depot calmed locomotive repair, repair and operations personnel dispatched supervision side, one side targeted learning, play a multiplier effect.

    7000 days of the time, the boys of the youth dedicated to the railroad, at 7000 days of temper, the young men grow into the transport backbone of the production line.

    15Km stick

    Handheld gauge ruler, toting kit, a pair of yellow shoes, a large straw hat, at Anqing Petrochemical special railway lines, every time we see the works squad leader and his soldiers, always so dressed up. Along the railway line there look here to see, to see it is a great responsibility idle, every inch of rail spike every meter of track bed each one screw, six kilometers positive line and 15-kilometer railway line, along rail, plywood, sleepers, countless screws, fasteners, rod, along bridges, culverts, slope protection, have left their footprints and effort

    Department of Transportation is Anqing Petrochemical Factory and train handling and transportation of coal into the plant's rail transport unit, the transport capacity of over 110 tons. From North Station to Anqing Anqing Petrochemical unloading lines, railway lines along the track, nearly 15 Km long railway line, on the way there are 6 ‰ slope, eight bridges, five culverts, two grade crossings. After each train to the rail line railway brought thousands of tons of load pressure, track foundations, rail, screw nut slightly loose or bias, will directly threaten the security of driving trucks.

    Small screw fastening, replacement of large tracks, railroad lines "clues," Yang Sheng and his colleagues never let go. Especially during the rainy season each year maintenance, railway along the slope, bridges, culverts, drainage ditches, embankment no less let him bother. Conservation patrol for nearly two decades, in addition to diseases, solid foundation, Yang Sheng to rail bias "see through see through" control switch to snug within 2mm, control rail within a distance of 2-6mm. If the rail distance error is too large, it will cause a train derailment or overturned; if turnout of tight properly, it will cause crowded train wheels bad turnout, accumulated experience acquired their "eyes", all kinds of lines and turnout across the board The data are stored in their head, became a "living map."

    Works post a chore, railway line runs all day very hard, works the class of workers who are witness all-black skin. Again and again to eliminate hidden dangers, and again Disease Treatment,  railway wagon  a Mimi's line maintenance, a bundle of turnout maintenance, railway line in their meticulous care has become a reassuring "security line."

    Train companion of 20 years

    The wheel of time back in 1995, Ge Shihong become a train driver on the railway, until now, he still would be difficult to forget the case when I first met the locomotive. "When you see the locomotive when, just like to see new things, especially new, while secretly touch the handle, while the driver and see how to start, while they looked out the window to see what happens on the line, feeling every corner Each accessory is full of mystery, excitement overnight. "From the start, even hanging, speed control, over turnout, see the signal, in close coordination with the shunting group, excellent business skills not only to obtain a driver's first shihongGe Glory coal column of vehicles, also has access to the China Petrochemical Corporation Youth skilled positions such as honor.