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Add a good place along the railway wagon Qinghai-Tibet Railway
From Beijing, Shanghai, Qinghai and other 17 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities)  railway wagon  Tourism Bureau set up to promote tourism along the Railway Union, recently set up in Huangzhong County of Qinghai. 17 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), tourism sector representatives said that the future will be "beautiful day road trip of China" as a link, to strengthen regional integration and cooperation, and jointly create "Beijing to Lhasa, religious and cultural trip" "Shanghai to Lhasa,  railway wagon Siyuan rivers tour "," Guangzhou to Lhasa, green eco-Tour "," Chongqing (Chengdu) to Lhasa, western style tour "and" Xining (Lanzhou) and Lhasa · magical day road trip "five new tourism routes.
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